Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I was broken and love was there

If love is so perfect, if love is so free.
How can I teach it and how can one see?

None can proclaim it 
None can decide
It exists all around me and it warms me inside

Religion may choke it by deciding whats wrong 
But the freedom of spirit goes far beyond

So I fought with religion and I strove to decide 
But I found in surrender was the strength to abide.

Now peace is my future and love is just there 
In the limits of failure lays a freedom so fair

So I looked in the eye of the angel of death 
As it told my limits and the choice to decide

I listened in fear as the blackness arrived
Waiting to slip far beyond the reside

Yet from where I don't know
I just know it arrived 

Was a limitless love without reason or decide.
It took me from blackness and it carried me forth

So whats to do but reside.

This limitless love is who I am now
Not able to teach and with no ability to decide.

It created in me a newness of life
I'm now one with this love and cant say what it is

But all I can say is

The light did arrive!

This perfection of love is me but not far
If I claim its perfection, if I claim its free life

How can I then limit by the wrong and the right.
In faith did I abandon all attempts to decide

The powerless reason

To understand there is no understanding is a gift from the almighty. Some would say what will happen is already decided and it is our place to understand why. I have to say this is perhaps the greatest limitation man places on himself. To look for reason firmly places us in the control of ourselves and in reality any who have lived beyond their own ability and who have a thirst for more will be the first ones to tell you the most uplifting most exhilarating times come from what happens that we have no part other than to enjoy, be inspired, or relax in when its not possible to relax.
Now being who we all are we experience something wonderful and the immediate temptation is to control the moment to attempt to replicate what we enjoyed and in so doing we fail and fail miserably.

But to just allow life to take us where it will is not easy either as to do so there must be a surrendering to forces beyond who we are. Forces that constantly seem to call and draw us into the unknown. These forces seem to set us on a path of continual striving. But in reality we know we are our own worst enemy. In our desire to understand replicate we have convinced ourselves it is OK to work hard. Its just not possible for a person in and of themselves to just let go and let life carry them.

Realistically if there is no creator then letting go descends a person into the abyss of darkness a mortal tomb of the mind that snapped and set its own course. In unity with darkness it fell from the light and what hope could there ever be of freedom.

But I saw a line and the darkness of the space beyond the line drew and clawed at my mind and drew me in. I cant say why the line I never crossed all I can say is in and of myself the ability to influence the outcome was gone. Strength no longer existed and strength of mind had got me to this point.

I could see the illusion of what we call life. An illusion where we have created and placed ourselves as firmly as possible into a created reality. With a created community of people who decide daily if they want to be part of ourlives and us theirs. This community has expectations many of which I was happy to oblige. But here I was staring at the line.

If I crossed this line I feared the beyond. Like a free fall from a cliff I saw how futile life had been. We all fall unto the grave but as we fall the journey is masked by expectations of life and the artificial reality of the mind. If that mind should snap, the illusion is revealed and there is no way back. But something kept me from the line and as I fell I saw the ground and the ground my mind told me was where I would be.
But for some unknown reason by some unforeseen love I never hit. The feeling of the free fall, the terror of the experience. I saw our mind protects us from ever seeing. In small flashes we all experience the fall and strive togain control of our mind so as not to be faced with the inevitable.

At some point in this fall all we have ever known fails us and the people we love cannot help. It is our prison to escape only there is no escape from reason. I have heard it said what will happen is already decided and it is our lot in life to understand why. But I am here to say it is the why that limits. To let go of why as we fall can be a gift that sets us free. To let go of the why without a linking, a surrender, a revealing of the spirit of life then we will indeed snap and never return.

It was in seeing the line I knew the people who had been swallowed by the other side. People who life had thrown a curve ball outside their ability to understand or control. People who somebody loves and they cant allow themselves to be loved. Love is indeed something that cannot be controlled and in a free fall the one thing we don't have is control. Yet perhaps can we see the love.

How do we see the love when everything we see as love has failed us? People, friends, family, money, society, everything ripped from us darkness claws at our mind.

But for me I knew something beyond my control stopped me from crossing the line. That something had a beauty to it but in the terror and horror of the moment I could not pause to understand where this came from. I did attempt to grab it, to bring control to my world but every time I grasped with my religious knowledge or my ability it was a vapor that slipped past me.

Something had saved me and to that something I now tried to attach reason and understanding. But how can something so obviously beyond my mind now be limited to me? Now faced with an encounter I knew there was no reason. I saw myself and everything I had been and understood it was worthless and this something had saved me from myself with a full knowing I had not the slightest right to what had happened. The darkness beyond the line by all rights should have swallowed me up. If I was who I thought I was I would never have even been near such a line. Everything had failed me, every word, everything I had ever learned.

Faced with a perpetual line I couldn't pick myself up. All strength was gone and there was no ability to draw on strength. Yet from this force that saved me, this force I surrendered to I found a peace. Oddly my situation naturally was likely worse and yet peace was just me. Not a peace I knew came from me but this peace had merged with me as I had surrendered at the line. It was the jaws of hell beyond the line and love had found a way. But for me in who I had been it was only the line that could show how being in control I actually had none.
I saw love had been something I liked the idea of. My mind was in love with what my understanding had limited love to being. I had learned love via life experiences and now I knew realistically I had no idea what love was. This love that saved me from myself was so immense it was beyond my mind ability to understand in the slightest and to be honest my mind was tired from the whole traumatic ride it had just been exposed to.

So in all honest I can no longer say who I am. I just don't know, it's like the world is a new place and I am viewing it via a new set of eyes. Its as if I am being told discover what life is now. The pull of life itself brings more life in me. Some ask for doctrines and I can only smile and reply I have none. Everything I had known and had been taught failed me when I needed it the most. Everything I had been took me to the line and now at 49 years old I was starting again only this time I was married to an eternal force of pure and raw life.

This force of love had no interest in right or wrong as in perfect love how can there ever be right or wrong. I had done everything my mind thought was right and ended up on the edge of darkness. I knew in perfect love there can be no wrong. But mankind needs his right and wrong to maintain his control. Beyond the subjective ideals of right and wrong I found perfect love and as insecure as it makes me feel. I have discovered no matter what I do now it remains constant and creates life in through and around me.

So religion has become to me what tried to hide the line. We take the pain of others and try to be nice when in reality the pain reveals the line. In man-kinds love we don't want anyone to go through this journey and do all we can to ease the pain. This to me is religion it feeds the mind, it feeds my control and in so doing hides the line. When I saw the line I had people call and offer religious advice. They loved in the way they knew but words did nothing for me. I just wanted someone to be with me. I discovered when love is based in words there is no love. Love is just existing together with a savior who all I can say is the holy one saved me from myself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Anti-Christ thoughts 666 etc

Just a thought I will try and keep short. In the old testament when the presence of God arrived people though they were going to die. They fell on their faces and we find passages in places like Ezekiel  
"Woe is me I am a man of unclean lips"
Lets be crystal clear it was not about manifestations but rater about presence. God presence invalidated everything man stood for and their lives were undone.

Enter modern Christendom. Now when the presence of God comes in a tangible way into a meeting or our lives, we start to tell God what we want and what to do. We use everything that happens to validate ourselves and what we are doing. Yes we may tweak what we do but in no way is modern mankind invalidated and immobilized by the presence of God. Mankind stands and arrogantly boasts of his place in God as he has become god.

If you a have listened to my recording you will understand where I am coming from. But mankind in his unity of humanism has lifted themselves up as god. They are as one moving in a spirit that is anti-Christ. 6 is the number for mankind in the bible and 666 represents a false godhead made up of mankind as his own god.

Mankind moves as one like never before. They are unified as one world drunk on its own abilities and achievements. Religion of all forms has become about putting things into people. Doctrines and belief patterns, a false community based in knowledge.  Religion puts things in and spirit brings out what is already there. Spirit reveals, humanism replaces. One honors the other disrespects.

Spirit pastors reveal what is already in people and religious anti-Christ pastors teach people about God. As what I learn I can control  the false bride called modern church it is obvious. Pastors go to bible school and ministry training and teach how to move in the gifts of the spirit. it is all anti-Christ and those blinded by such can only see the deception by an act of the living Godhead which could be seen as 777. As 7 is the number of perfection in the bible, Gods number. Three perfect parts united as one in koinonia fellowship. Not 666 an anti-Christ spirit that has united man as his own godhead. 6 man in a false anti Christ koinonia of 666.

Sum it all up follow the trail left to us. Modern churchianity mankind loves the presence of God but in the old testament they feared it and in no way wanted it. Adam and Eve wanted to be like God and it was their downfall. Now we have a modern church system setup to teach people to be like God and get back to the place of intimacy in the garden of Eden. Modern church teaches people to be Christ like. Can anyone else see a problem there????
A false system or ideology of humanity in the place of God. One validates the other invalidates, One builds ministry the other cant build anything. One is seen as success the other as failure. 

[Rev 13:18 NIV] 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man (or humanity). That number is 666.

[Rev 13:6-9 NASB] 6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and His tabernacle, that is, those who dwell in heaven. 7 It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. 8 All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. 9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pauls tentmaking was not about money

Living over the edge certainly affords one the opportunity to look at life with a set of eyes that perhaps would not be possible otherwise.

Let's look at the natural man and the spiritual. For man years I have lived with a complete focus on the spiritual man and in so doing have constantly pushed the boundaries. It has not been a conscious choice to go farther but rather being on a path that only allows forward movement. There are a few things that stand out to me that would possibly have made the path a little easier to walk.

The importance of ministering to our natural man is imperative. It under girds everything we are able to do spiritually. We cab get so far out there spiritually that our natural man just cant stand up under the strain. Our natural man can live moments of extreme spirituality but in actuality the more we live spiritually the more we need to understand how to minister to our natural being. The being that cannot and will not ever be able to enter and maintain a spiritual walk.

There are many potential issues that arise from neglecting our natural being and maybe we can touch on a few. Firstly we need to find natural outlets that bring life. The natural temptation is to gravitate towards quick fixes and quick gratification. There are a lot of areas that feed into this but ultimately these areas do not bring life to our being they suck life while giving pleasure. Perhaps one easily identifiable area is eating. When the pressure is on it can be easy to seek out comfort foods and in so doing we make a rod for our won backs.

The issue has been for many that religion steals the creativity of life and often traps us into a life of purpose. In other words if there is not a purpose for everything we do then it is a waste of time. For example a musician once inside religion starts to put a purpose on their playing and in so doing they give the very life of the gift away. In my understanding of this path I can see that many inside religion have never taken the time to waste time. They have not discovered what it is they truly enjoy and like doing. Not for anyone else or for purpose or for evangelizing or such. This is the foundation core of the problem. Never having taken the time to minister to their natural being in a pure way they cannot ever walk greater spiritual ways.

To be honest God cannot do too much with us spiritually lest he drives us into lustful pleasures that ultimately hurt our whole being. I don't see that God cares about the individual acts so much as he cares about the state of our being. Realistically what greater example is there of this than with Elijah. He got so far out on the spiritual landscape that he woke up one day and melted down with fear. In essence he had a breakdown and God ministered life to him but ultimately recognized Elijah was all done and took him home to glory.

One clearly visible additive to buffer the depression of spirituality are electronic distractions. Movies, internet and such just dumb down our brain. They generate nothing and leave us with nothing they are life stealing by the very nature of what they are. I can see Elijah after threatening Jezebel turning on his computer and watching a movie. For sure it would have been an escape but it does not minter life to the spiritu man but rather it breaks the bridge of life between the natural and the spiritual.

I know for a fact that without somewhere to rest your brain you will collapse and the feeling of being able to see the line of sanity in your life is terror in itself. To skirt the line of know you have been to the line and God pulled you back is to me crippling in itself. To have the cloud of the sanity of this world haze your mind is disturbing. Now most will never be disturbed by such as they live constantly under such a cloud. Having created a false reality we find comfort in feeding that reality and our security lies in living that reality. In reality we can never be free of this man of death.

So I think of Paul and his tent making. Many would say Paul made tents for money but having walked some of these paths I submit a different idea. Could it have been Paul made tents to just minister to his natural man. Maybe he enjoyed the whole dynamic of tent making and did it to minister life to his natural being that was struggling with the spiritual. Paul was in essence taking a time out.

So if we desire spiritual we must be faithful to our natural. Not its lustful desires but rather to flow with what brings life to the natural. Maybe we will cook or exercise of draw or play music the things we can do are endless. But for the sake of who we are it is imperative we do something that is life to our natural being. Then our spiritual man is able to soar in places it could never have gone before.

Friday, September 15, 2017

True church like none any have seen

I want to write about some of the events of the last few weeks. As life changing as these weeks have been I cannot begin to understand the depth of what transpired but I can certainly type a few words to scratch or provoke an itch in all of us.

As most of you know we have lived 8 months now in Portugal. Living in such a way that has never been experienced before. This last month has been no different and in the middle of this all what starts to get revealed is the desire for intimacy of the bride. Truly religion can see needs and spirit just is.

The spiritual torment of this month had been so intense that in 17 years of living the extreme it has never been like now. To not be able to sleep a full night without attempted panic attacks trying to overwhelm. To not be able to stay awake in the daytime with the weight of fear and anxiety and to have no out, no rest and no line of reasoning.
It was in the early hours of one morning a spiritual window opened like one I have never seen. At first I thought it demonic and later understood it was Holy unto God. It was as if for a flash I was shown the complete hopeless state of where I am. The complete vulnerability and the vast demonic cloud waiting to overwhelm. Then in that same instant there was the revealing of the holy Spirit force that stood me on my feet. Without the Holy Spirit there was nothing no breathe of life no ability to go on and no way to function. We had crossed a line that had no way back and as terrifying as the slight window of understanding was we were embraced by koinonia.

It is in these times I understood the only true desire is intimacy. The only true desire is people of like spirit who bleed when I am cut. Not by wanting to be with me, not because they like me or don't like me . But merely because they are one with me. This is what brought life. Such people had no answer as they were the answer. They were as much in the fire as me and we rise or fall together. It made no sense to the learned ways and they would never ask what are my needs they just met needs. The flow of life was and is such each others needs are met and nobody really takes ownership.

Nobody encouraged with words, nobody told us God is faithful while they hid inside religion. They were God and continue to be God. Every person involved or in spirit gave of their lives. They gave in such a way it consumed me it enveloped me in a love I have never experienced. One phone call I wept as the overwhelming spirit of love in Christ Jesus upheld me through others in koinonia. Their feet stood for me when all I could do was fall, their hands embraced me as fear crippled me to collapse. In sheer exhaustion with no ability to stand I stood with the strength of others. Their words spoke for me when my mouth was paralyzed. I was faced with a true church that went beyond words and into a realm I had been scared to let live in me.

It was 2 weeks after the most intense heat I can finally say I feel free. Last night I slept a rest of the beloved. Like one in a dream to never awaken is the blessing of the righteous. A promise land of a utopia we have all wanted to strive for but in striving we feel it slip from our grasp. Truly the true church of Jesus Christ had just upheld me and how can I ever be the same.

It was during this time I saw a line of sanity and understood as clear as day the pathway of spirit to release those trapped in mental breakdown. Those who have been destroyed by such pressure they could only break. I pulled my car up to one such man during this time and threw a few nice religious words to him like. “may Jesus help you and set you free”. It was these words that God brought back to me to reveal how trapped we are. Spirit moves us and we don't know what to do so we throw some sickening encouragement at those around us. You know we have all heard the lines or used them.
“God will provide” “praying for you” “it will work out” etc etc. Then there are those who dont say anything they just are with you.
How would it be for those who have lost their sanity, those who have run over by life and have had no way out. How would it be if spirit came and loved them. For once they never felt alone and the cloud of sanity or insanity that clouded their heads was pierced by a divine love. Just for a moment a relief enabled them to see life. That love was not spoken it consisted of nothing natural and was imparted by those living beyond this world. Maybe they just walked a mile with the troubled and like Jesus on the road to emmaus he just walked and was with the men. Then they were changed. This is the church of Jesus Christ. They walk with the troubled and are so troubled themselves they don't throw advice or encouragement they just are one in spirit and this is what pierces the darkness and saves a soul from hell.

This is what caused men to call me in the darkest hours. When one was waiting for a hurricane to destroy and another gave all he owned and another experienced the sleeplessness of my nights. This is the true church of Jesus Christ that in all honest completely humbles me and can only make me wonder how I could ever be chosen to be part of such a living organism. I was in coming face to face with my own frailty able to see the completeness of the fullness of who we are in koinonia. Astounded!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Is it possible to not see needs?

Yeah its long but so is life....... Someone commented that the marriage email was long and my reply was so is a lifetime of marriage. So a lifetime of needs is long and weary. Maybe there is something in here to bring life.

The ability to not see our needs is to most not possible, it is something that is not perceivable or understandable to our brain. Of course we are aware of the natural needs but to go beyond that and see I can park my brain in the enveloping love of God. To just be lost in the knowing of everything is taken care of and to abide. This has been something that in the past I have fought to try and hold into. To try and park my brain in a place of peace where life resides.

But the more I have attempted to hold onto that peace the more it has just slipped away and often I am left staring at intimidating situations that are no less than terrifying. Yes God in his love just covers me anyway but usually it is not a pleasant experience for my natural man.

So to just partake of peace is a movement of beauty. To not try and hold it but rather to just allow it to envelop is amazing. The natural would desire to feed on pleasure in these extreme times of need as in feeding its self we can take our thinking off where we are. So people who think they are godly find themselves staring at carnal desires they never knew existed ike it does in their lives.

For in reality a natural man needs a pressure release and in finding a pressure release it limits the peace that can flow via a spirit man. The outcome often is the same but the journey to the endpoint can be peaceful or traumatic. In the flow of peace lies life but in the flow of pleasure lies pain, misery and suffering. Lets look at it according to the two gods.

First the god of this world we have seen as the devil and his demons but in reality it is the devil merged with the heart of a man. Man was given dominion and he surrendered it to a partnership with the devil. Together a carnal or natural minded man links with the demonic to be the god of this world. Neither can exist without the other and neither have power without the other in this world.
So when a person is faced with extreme situations the easiest default is to feed the natural man and in so doing feed rejection. Remember rejection needs rejection to empower itself. So when faced with a desperate natural situation where God can only provide the answer it is very easy to enter rejection actions. Actions that feed rejection and empower the rejection in the heart of mankind. The demonic provides the opportunity and as a person enters that opportunity they have entered a false koinonia with the demonic. This false fellowship creates the god of this world and isolates an individual, it does not bring into fellowship.

The areas this happens in are so extensive but perhaps the two most prominent are sex and money. To mankind these areas are the drug to ease all pain. We talked about sex already but in reality money is no different it is a false spiritual sexual experience. Like we have talked about those in its power feel defiled by its lust but ultimately need to feed off the rejection and control it provides. Perhaps this is why the bible says it is impossible for a rich man to enter heaven. In and of itself riches steal intimacy. But with god all things are possible and in this we understand God can change the heart of the rich and only he knows how to deal with their rejection that isolates them and drives them into their riches further.

To be life is the other path and there is something special about the weariness of a natural man that lays down and lets spirit take over. A weariness that in reality goes beyond being weary and is complete exhaustion. Weariness is something the whole world lives in constantly but exhaustion is a gift from the almighty. A gift most attribute to the demonic. The weariness I am talking of is the inherent control and thirst fro control that one has for their own life. But as things come unraveled we are able in a state of complete exhaustion finally look to our creator and say take my life and be my life. Of control we abandon and have no strength naturally to ever take it up again. We now stand on our feet as a divine gift that strengthens our way and envelops us it is us.

Realistically where we come unstuck is our inbuilt passions from and for the natural. We look at our needs as very real and fail to be able to see past them, the larger they become. Needs have a way of presenting themselves as absolute and final. This burden of death we allow ourselves to create is denial and fictitious in reality. In my experience needs usually have creative solutions and as we surrender control the creative of the spirit of God in koinonia with us activates.
We have fought the creative and have attempted to control such. By our view of the situation and our defaults that have been created by society around us, yes we stay entrapped to what we can see, what we have known and what we understand. But perhaps one amazing facet of spiritual life is the arrival of true reality. A reality we have denied and avoided as it is not anything we can control or make happen. This new reality of the spirit can only be lived by exhaustion with our self created and perpetuated perception of natural life.
Now some could suggest denial but in reality it is not possible to live a life of denial on an ever increasing level and not surrender sanity on all levels. I can deny a need but to be free of the need and uninfluenced by the need is not possible without something more. As if I am in denial I truly am under the power of what I deny. But what is the something more and how do we park our ever whirring heads to be at peace during such times?

For any who have emptied their life into the heavenly there is a change in how the world is seen, a change in how life is approached and a change in the daily way we live. It seems to cheapen the flow of life to talk of such but lets touch on it a little and any who stand at the entry point will see beyond.

It is important or realistically beyond important, it is life, it is the breathe we take in the spiritual realm, to just enjoy the peace of the spirit. We cant hold onto such as in the action of trying we loose our grip and it seemingly slips away. The life of the spirit is an all enveloping and creative flow that can only be expressed, lived and enjoyed as we just abandon to it. In reality it is easier to go with the flow of the spirit that to take control ourselves.
Yes of course fear can ever be present but in not focusing on the need, in rather just enjoying the peace of the time we will always see the creative.
Life is lived to be enjoyed today and in enjoying the richness and vastness of today we will always find enjoyment and peace. It is not that our future has been stolen but rather that our future has enlarged beyond any ability of our own. It starts to be a limitless future, so vast we could not live it with a thought for tomorrow . The vastness of true life can only be expressed by living today and in so doing wonders arrive.
In reality what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him, these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. Which searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who knows our thoughts or a person's thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.
What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words. The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments, for, "Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ.

Marriage or partnership

Money is a great example of intimacy with the Godhead. In our quest for our needs and pleasures to be met we indeed limit the expression of finance. Money or its provision is not a need it is an outflow of intimacy. To never see its demands is a gift and to know its purity is beyond any natural ability.

Some have never known true intimacy and often when talking of intimacy it immediately becomes about sex. But in reality there is a level of union beyond the pleasure of sexual acts. This level may be glanced at but it cannot be entered by decision or desire. It is hidden in an act of pleasure but like a vault it cannot be opened without the spiritual key. For any that have gone beyond in such areas they see it is possible to live in an eternal state of union. A permanent romance that has no focus on an act.

In man attempting to gain access to what is beyond they focus on a medium that although is designed in a spirit way to unite it also brings great division. So many enter sex and only suffer abuse. They become an object of lust and gratification and in time begin to find this area a burden. Many who failed to enter true unity that brought about sex use this area for self. Failing to get past the obvious pleasure for self, they cannot see there is a greater dimension that is only accessible with the union of the spiritual.
In talking romance most ultimately confuse sex with romance. They loved someone, experienced romance and it led to sex. After sex was involved everything changed and more often than not the relationship ended. I wonder how many would wind back the clock in their stolen romances if able. realistically when sex gets involved, everything changes if it is not in the correct flow of spiritual life.

Sex outside of a true spiritual union called marriage will always be about self. The very opposite to what romance is. Romance has no beginning and no end it is timeless and goes beyond any natural boundaries but conversely sex when used for self is about pleasure and the enigma for many is how can something so pleasurable be so isolating. Maybe bringing understanding to why pornography, masturbation, prostitution and adultery are so damaging. In a world of self a persons world will implode as it folds into self. The end point most times are lonely, bitter, misunderstood individuals who hate sex but are addicted to finding its next high, having convinced themselves the more the better. In their world of complete isolation true intimacy was stripped away so long ago they likely have lost all ability to live romance. Or maybe they have never experienced romance as their introduction to sex was based in lust. A world of self implodes and reduces while a spiritual world of romance enlarges and knows no limits. The insecurity of no limits drives many to self but others to a further spiritual connection or romance. A unity with the Godhead beyond understanding so much so mankind cant even explain the Godhead so what hope is there to explain the koinonia of romance.

So in an over sexualised world of self gratification many fail to grasp the stunning beauty of a bigger picture. They have fallen prey to their own self perpetuating lust and enter sex for purpose. But what about romance it has no purpose, no time, no needs if it does then it is not romance. It is two hearts singing a song that has such beauty it makes no sound. As a man and woman alter their life to move to the romance then the dance is amazing, the energy superhuman, the world a different place. This unison of spirit produces a hidden place of the two becoming one and ultimately sex will be entered. Not because there is a lustful desire but it is the living of “we are one” and to remain in such a wonderful place in can be understood only spiritual romance can underpin more natural romance to feed it and keep it alive. Without spiritual romance to spawn and ignite more natural romance all relationships will ultimately draw on sex to try and fabricate romance. This may work for a time but any marriage that uses sex for purpose has become about self and degenerated to a partnership. Partnerships never last as they are about getting things done for purpose. Whereas marriages are eternal and it should be clearly understood here that if a marriage has degenerate into a partnership it can still be reignited into romance. Not of what was but of a new and better spiritual revealing.

This state of two becoming one is the absence of rejection. In this romantic love where nothing is a problem and these lovers are blind to many obvious facts others can see so clearly. I guess we could even ask are these obvious facts real? If the lovers are lost in a realm beyond their shortfalls then do the shortfalls really exist? Try and convince lovers that their partner has a nose that is too big and they will never see it. Or that they don't have enough money and it is never heard.

Romantic love is astounding beauty, an astounding beauty that is magnified beyond comprehension when linked with the spiritually eternal Godhead. It goes beyond anything this world can control or attempt to own. Of course who would not want to own such a thing of beauty and yes we know all the industry built around mankind's desire to tap into romance while failing. Prostitution, adultery, pornography, lust all propel an individual to attempt to control intimacy. After all as romantic lovers are pulled apart by the world around them they endeavor to make sure the pain of separation will never happen again. In so doing they will always lose themselves in cheap attempts to please themselves and the world has many distractions or offers of pleasure without romance.

The amazing thing about romance is when drunk on it we cant even see ourselves. It is just two people completely lost in something bigger than themselves. This is the hidden vault of any marriage. It can only be unlocked and enlarged by living a rich spiritual life of magnificence. It is about timelessness and neither person cares about time, neither will desire time and neither are responsible. The demands of life will scream but ones lost in such euphoria just live and it all gets taken care of somehow.

Now add sexual unity to this picture, the two coming together in a marriage of love and the world stops. Marriage in such a state is about joining to always be one. It is a spiritual statement devoid of lust and self gratification. Now sex will be about eternally living the romance it spawned. It is the ultimate climax of life itself.

It is in partnerships we have a desire for control and self. Partnerships are about people joining together to meet needs. Perhaps we could say if a marriage has reasons then it is more correctly termed a partnership. If a marriage has no reason it is just a romantic flow then it is life.
Yes marriages can be bombarded with pseudo reason but in reality these reasons are only there to tear apart the life of the marriage and turn the beauty of the romance it was birthed in to a currency of self. Lets face it once we have tasted romance we can never get enough and in trying to get more we ruin the romance. You cant try in romance all you can do is live and enjoy. If I try to please my wife or my wife tries to please me then romance is dead for that time. We please each other by living life and beyond natural acts now, life is given as life is.

To enter such we can only unwrap ourselves from the world and this is only possible with spiritual romance. As our creator woos us how will we respond? The wonderful expression of spiritual romance is much the same as our more natural romance. Can we take the time to enjoy the spiritual moments that will turn to a lifetime as we enter its life embodied.


In reality mans religion is a unity of man with the demonic god of this world. This perverse infatuation causes people to live with reason. They must follow a set of rules and abide by doctrines they perceive as correct in their learned interpretations of the bible and the systems around them. This system of rejection feeds and empowers the demonic rejection in mankind. It separates from God with a demonic counterfeit of true divine intimacy.

In reality religion steals intimacy and many in religion have learned to love, learned to obey, learned to please in their marriage and this is not true romantic intimacy as where mankind's reason exists spirit and romance does not. The world in its thirst for self have abandoned the time that romance takes, as romance has no time, knows no time, exists outside of time and propels nothing but unity.

So what of religion? If spirituality is needed to keep romance alive then it is clearly understandable as man plays god of his own world he must fabricate religious systems to try and replace what is missing. Religion for mankind has become like a marriage based on sex. It attempts to turn romance from the creator of the universe into a partnership. A partnership where romance is not important as things need to get done. In reality a romantic God refuses to be defiled by such and in perfect love does not partake in religion.
This gives rise to understanding why mankind needs himself to be god and as mankind unites with the demonic he has become the god of this world via a demonic partnership and a false intimacy is lived. One of spiritual prostitution, spiritual pornography, spiritual masturbation and spiritual adultery and all associated areas. In other words religious systems are born and maintained to try and teach love. They satisfy self seeking hearts of mankind and exalt mankind to be a “god”.

Although all religion has been touched by spiritual romance they have turned to what we will term “religious sex” and have made an industry of such. Religion is mans attempt to use God for their own pleasure and in acknowledging their sin they attempt to gain life. It can only be termed “religious sex” and it is a form of attempted perversion where man attempts to bring God to his level. Just like the initial fall of man Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden wanted to be like God and mankind today with their religion continue to want to be like God. Remember if romance has a purpose it is no longer romance. One can only be co-joined with their creator when they surrender to the eternal romantic love from the creator of the universe. It is not to get forgiveness for my “sin”. This surrender only comes about when a person loses their identity so as to co-join with the creator of the universe. This can only happen when we no longer wish to live according to a system of control, usury, lust, fear and rejection. When we see the romance from God we understand why things have happened in our lives that were beyond us, beyond our ability to fabricate.


Our needs are loud and glare at us seemingly endlessly and perhaps this endless quest is a great parallel of the eternal call for intimacy from the Godhead. Naturally we see the need for finances as a burden and it drives or even compels us naturally in life. But as we step from the world into the spirit we start to see a different paradigm. A paradigm that is not able to be viewed in any way but via a gift from the Holy Spirit.

Living beyond the entrapment of needs we see the flow of love and life. This flow of love and life is not fed by lust or desire but rather it is just a melting of natural to be replaced by spiritual. It is a flow of love that has no motive it has no desire for gratification it is not looking for a quick time of pleasure and it is yet to be discovered for many. This time of intimacy is the two becoming one and as the spirit of this world birthed by lust demands pleasure now, as its needs are so burning. It can only be a unique time of beauty where we enjoy life that brings live.

As annoying as it may be to acknowledge it again romance is the only key to Godhead unity in finances. A young person in the faith can immediately see the pleasure of money and the wonder of its pleasure. They can see its needs and its blessings and in a spirit of this world it holds one in its spell. Mesmerized some would ask is it possible to be free, yet others have no desire to be free from its spell.

The bible says verses like if someone asks for your shirt give them your coat as well and perhaps this is the start of spirit life. In religion it is about teaching the other person who wants your coat a lesson but in spirit life it is about not allowing the spirit of this world to get hold of your heart. It is about knowing that we live beyond the natural and out of the romance of life everything is.

So a young person can see the power of money and get mesmerized by its beauty. It is a false intimacy a false sexuality of sorts. It produces all the same things lustful intercourse produces. Power, importance, pleasure, peace, rest, joy etc. In essence we can call it lust and it is another area of mankind that wants lust. Like a pornographic bank man desires limitless pleasure and self gratification in their thirst for self. In its dependence on the need for rejection mankind needs the pornography of money to feed the rejection of romantic intimacy.

After all nobody understands “me” is the normal. My husband, my wife has no time they don't care about “my” needs. Simply put today's marriages would be better termed partnerships not marriages. They are a union of two individuals for the purpose of demanding their needs get met and when the needs fail to be met it all falls apart.

I start to see it is the same with God and our provision. We can see our needs so clearly and the fact many of these needs are based in a lust filled lifestyle seems of no consequence. Money is a great medium to expose our ties to this world and in the pull of its demon rejection screams at us for empowerment. The children money produces through its partnerships of intimacy only bring pain and anxiety.

So what of true intimacy and true spiritual union. It is sad to think that many may never know the beauty of true intimacy. An intimacy where there is no desire for self but a flow of love.  

Dealing with a life of rejection

I can see so clearly that sin is essential to mankind. It is indispensable and empowering and without it we have nothing. Without it we are worth nothing as it defines us in more ways than perhaps we can grasp at any one point in time.

A world free of sin is tasteless and identity-less. It is not that we are known by our sin or that the sin defines us but the sin is essential on a level perhaps that has not been revealed to us before. Sin is the very power of life it is the reason to wake up and the reason to go to bed. It brings a form of joy and it brings a form of grief. But without the emotional up and downs life would be so bland. Sin on every level is a pleasure to the core of man and it is in man-kinds progression to control his world sin is the very fabric that bonds unites and forms a man or woman. Without sin we have nothing!

When sin gets too profoundly obvious it must be dealt with and morphed into another form or area to subvert the core of what is wanting to be revealed. If an area of sin becomes too pleasurable it has indeed become the manifest identity of an individual and as such will no doubt cause disruption and discomfort to the person and those close to the individual. So enter religion.

Religion fails to exist outside of sin and sin fails to exist without religion. Religion is the very core of the faith and without it we can have no religious God. Sin must exist to have a forgiving God and to be able to please that God or anger Him. The industry of church exists because of sin it is essential to its existence. As mankind lives the pleasures and pain of sin then a God is needed to enable such a lifestyle. It is in this enabling that mankind is able to ultimately be in control.

Look at it this way, sin or the lack of when viewed via religion gets the love we crave from God. But beyond that it buys another thing that in any natural persons life is perhaps more essential to a natural existence than anything else. Sin buys us rejection and without rejection we fail to have control or power.

It can be understood that the devil is powerless and bear with me as I attempt to paint a picture of why. The devil and his evil hoards cannot create and cannot exist in and of themselves. The bible tells us when a demon leaves a person it goes to water less places then returns and reenters a man. A demon cannot have power without mankind. The devil and the demons when in heaven flowed in God power and once kicked out they had nothing. They are meaningless like vapor and need mankind to empower them. Mankind has become their new god and through perverse deception they gain power from carnality. But how a demon obtains its power is perhaps the greatest deception that has ever duped mankind. So how does a demon feed?

A demon needs to unite with man to exist and it will attempt to place many layers on a life to hide the core of where it feeds. The vile putrid form it must hide is easier to see than one first thinks. Of course it needs religion to hide so well. It needs the knowledge of sin and God. It needs a person to be able to feed off love and ultimately rejection as on a natural level without love you cannot have rejection. So it created a natural love that is understandable and teachable. In removing the spiritual romance of love that is God, it empowers the very thing it needs to exist, REJECTION! The rejection of a person which will isolate a person and have them know they are not good enough.

The saying goes “hurt people, hurt people.” We can see this is true of rejection as well. Rejected people reject people. In the case of rejection, one who is under the power of rejection needs to act so as to be rejected. As to be rejected feeds rejection. It empowers, it emboldens and it enlarges. The demonic cannot exist without such a cycle. It will have rejected people all collect into a group or system based around rejection called modern systematized church.

In this system people learn how to please an un-pleasable God. If honest they will ultimately face rejection as they do wrong and upset others. But in this system rejection is needed to empower and none of it can exist without rejection. None of it can exist without sin!

So when a person is in a spiritual identity crisis or are simply on a path of revealing spiritual identity, they will live rejection. They feel rejected by the father and will ultimately reject their own father. Intimacy with a father figure gets more and more impossible or unlikely in rejection. As the individual rejects they get fed off the rejection that comes back. Its like a teenager they are crying for identity and feel rejected by life as they don't see where they fit. They feed the rejection by rejecting and are empowered by the demonic entrapment. In other words I will treat you bad and you will treat me bad back. In so doing empowerment is felt and control is obtained. Rejection enables me to control my world and gives me a false intimacy.

In rejection that person will need artificial life and the world is full of such. The issue is it is all designed for self gratification and usually at someone else's expense. When someone feels rejected they need to win or compete with others to win and feel better. Like vampires they feed off of others rejection. The music of self and the pleasures of money and the temptations of sexual areas. The world is setup to feed the rejection and as people become more and more self focused they have the need to see sin. Their world is insecure and isolated and the intimacy they crave they just cant seem to find. What ever can mankind do to be free? Realistically they don't want to be free as they need to see sin to feed the rejection. Both in themselves and others. So all will have a run with religious systems and will ultimately be rejected. Rejection breeds isolation and isolation is needed to maintain control. Lets face it mans world shrinks and he thirsts control but in spirit life our world is limitless.

In being free from rejection a few observances came to the front of life. Firstly reading this or someone convincing a person they have rejection will never set them free. The first step of freedom is seeing we are trapped. To see this is a gift from the almighty God and not something we can counsel into people. In fact in counseling we feed and embolden the rejection God wants to reveal. Yes systematized religion enables people to stay trapped in the knowledge of their head. Yes systematized religion needs counseling to exist and feed the vile spirit of rejection and sin. Counselors are humanists plain and simple they can be nothing else. Through knowledge they attempt to set free but in reality they are as trapped as the ones they are speaking to.

To better help understand this type of religious thinking look at this example. People will say we need to find the will of God or do what God wants and everything works then. Again this is rooted in rejection as they fail to see all that any in Holy Spirit life need to do is live. Live free of expectations of tapping into Gods will. Live free of looking for a word from God or His will or His moments. This thinking or approach only highlights we live rejection and this sets us up for more rejection that we can feed an evil heart off. Ultimately it is us in control. In spirit we just live and everything that flows from that is greater life.

It seems to me that salvation is an amazing turning point in a life and many have surrendered in some way to co-join with Jesus. But perhaps a least understood area is sanctification. This word is really so spiritual little is ever said about it and it is usually related to holiness in such a way it condemns people to their religious ideals and knowledge. So what is sanctification and yes it is worth digging around a bit to see what comes up.

Sanctification is a a revealing of every layer of demonic personality that has been layered on a life. As those layers are exposed they just melt away. They can never be revealed by someone pointing them out but rather as saints just live amazing happens. Because of our natural man and mind we have set patterns of thinking and responses that honestly are rooted in rejection fear and pride. Thinking that is aimed to have us always in some sort of control of our own little world. These natural thinkers of spiritual truths always have a small world of true intimacy as they will isolate to control.
So once in Jesus our thinking must be renewed. The demonic ownership has ended but we have a lifetime of demonic responses to unlearn. Demonic empowerment has been every level of a life without unity with the Godhead but now a new set of responses will arise. They are not learned they are not taught. The mystery of these responses are while the same they are uniquely different for every person and tailored by a romantic God who only cares for what we now are. We are now pure life and from our new core flows eternal life as we are now eternal life.

It is in this romantic backdrop we will discover God does not even see our faults or sin anymore. Perhaps a better way to see it is that before we were in Christ we did not sin, we were sin. Sin at that time in our lives was our identity and everything we lived for. It was our very existence as we were united with the demonic. The demons thirst for power had the core of man in a false koinonia. A false Godhead made to lustfully use a life for its own pleasure at any expense. The psychopathic demon gave rejection, as in giving rejection it received rejection and was able to feed on the false humanistic power.

But after surrender of that core of death that resides in every part of humanity to Christ. We no longer are sin it is not who we are. Now we are life. Now we have been transformed into his likeness. We are not God but we are now Godhead koinonia. The issue is the layers of demonic thinking we had learned and been enslaved to. The first of such is the knowledge of sin that religion pumps into us. The do's and dont's the acts of a godly life. Immediately after freedom arrives a false God of this world arrives and tries to merge with the thinking we have lived all of our lives. It needs to make sense to us and it is so easy for the god of this world to blind our eyes with a religion of rejection and works.

The bible as beautiful as it is will then we used as an instruction book for life. It will teach any in the power of their mind and the god of this world to obey its rules. But any in holy spirit life can have no doctrines they are doctrine they are now a living epistle known and read by all men. They read the bible not to learn but just as life and when reading can see their lives mirrored in the pages. For a holy spirit koinonia it is as if they could have written the bible. But to one serving the god of this world the bible is their everything. They wont out it on the floor, they are experts in doctrines and they have opinions on everything. In reality they live rejection and have been deceived into thinking the god of this world is the living God.

The living God now cannot see sin in us as we are no longer sin. He can only see who we now are seated in heavenly places with Him. God can only see life as he is life and anything outside of life is nothingness. So God starts to pull the layers away so lovingly and with great care. There is no aim it is just the revealing of life. In spirit life what is inside is revealed and comes out in religious life we try to put things in. Spirit brings out what in or the god of this world attempts to put things in. Religion tries to change a life by putting things in like knowledge. Religion needs knowledge as in knowledge comes control and rejection. The god of this world links with what makes so much sense to a man, as in order to control romance cannot be alive. After all romance cannot be controlled or understood. There is no reason in romance if there is a reason it is no longer romance. The bible is perhaps the greatest tool of a false god of this world. It enslaves a persons mind to the obvious they can understand, teach and control. We now have a person who surrendered to Christ and was duped into following a false system they can now spend a lifetime attempting to understand. This is modern systemic church. They need sin and are outraged at the statement God cannot sin our sin anymore when in Christ. After all they sin is so obvious and the bible says so much about it. A life of rejection confusion, fear and control now follows.

Spirit reveals what is already there in a life and in so revealing it liberates and frees, it is the eternal of life. Where religion locks down a world, spirit opens up. Spirit is OUTput, religion is INput. So as spirit is revealed then what was once demonic layers fall from our lives, our thinking, our actions. Ultimately we will be confronted with the base layer this was all built on and this layer is rejection. This process of sanctification that is not a word it is a spirit of united life at work in us will ultimately have us say. God I know nothing but I am complete knowledge, I have no doctrines as I am complete doctrine. All we can do in spirit life is be the bible and know its who we are. In that complete lack of control life flows.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Some thoughts on money wealth and possessions in Holy Spirit community

15 May 2017

Spirit life is such a contrast to our normal life it is truly disturbing yet freeing in so many ways. It is when we look at sin we start to understand Gods heart in a whole new way. God invites us constantly to embrace life to be life and to live life and in that invitation God frees us from what we had thought was life. We cannot make the decision to let things go as when we have the power to let go we have the power to pick up.

Intimacy is what God is all about when God said “lets make man in our image” he was serious about the intimacy required for such an amazing union. God knew in order for man to become God he had to be god of his own world and forsake it to enter His world. Intimacy was and is all God had interest in and man was to live a lifetime of pseudo intimacy called religion.

It was necessary that God do away with sin as we know. Religion has God forgiving sin but spirit life has the revealing of God doing away with sin altogether. The reasons why we may never totally understand while on this earth but one huge reason is the fact sin and the focus of sin is never the issue. While man looks at the sin God looks at the intimacy, while man strives to be free so he can “be like God” the Godhead says cease striving and know that I am God. Know that intimacy is all I desire and as our heart self strives its condemned by our inabilities fears and insecurities. Godhead is there with “be still and know that I am God”.

There are so many examples in scripture of this but maybe none so obvious as the rich young ruler. He came to Jesus and wanting to follow him and Jesus told him to go sell all and come follow me. I noticed something about this passage for the first time. Every disciple Jesus had was busy living life and Jesus came and said “come follow me” they all forsook all and followed Jesus. Some walked out on the fishing nets, another left his tax business and so forth. These men walked out on life for no apparent reason. There was no natural security for tomorrow. No understanding what would become of their families. These men walked into intimacy and yes there was then a process of being renewed in their minds but they walked life. Then here comes the rich young ruler and look at his heart. The heart he had was so fat on religion he could not see his self righteousness for one second. Yet again the riches were never the issue to Jesus and Jesus cut right through everything and laid him bare.

This rich young ruler desired spirit life. He desired the intimacy of the fellowship and saw what perhaps all man see and that is his ability to help. After all why would Jesus not need him? Jesus was homeless, he lived off women and never knew where he would sleep from night to night. To any religious way of seeing it there was an obvious need and an obvious match here. Yet the man missed the point of what happened here. Jesus had no thought for the money, the rich ruler had many thoughts for the money. It was impossible for the ruler to see past the money and understand he was missing the point. He was missing the fact his money was pseudo intimacy and had him trapped all alone.

So Jesus spoke to the heart and told him to sell all give it away and come follow Him. The intimacy would have been amazing and would have been everything the rich young ruler craved. Everything his money had tried to find but had left him isolated. But he just couldn't do it and the bible tells us he went away sad as he owned much.

Lets get down to it the only thing spirit life is about is INTIMACY. God desires “lets make man in our image” Jesus was poor and worthless in the eyes of mankind but he had no care for the money. He had no care for tomorrow and he lived the fullness of today. Something the rich young ruler failed to see. Jesus had all his needs met anyway he didn't need the rich ruler wealth. He didn't need his money to provide. Jesus was living the day free of this world and the money was not the issue the intimacy was.

He was perhaps one of the only or the only one who came to Jesus wanting to be His disciple and was turned away. So lets transpose that into modern church life. How many people get problems and come to Jesus looking for His life. They offer something, their skills, their money, their abilities etc. Then there are the “called out ones” these just live life and Jesus walks into their life and invites them to forsake all and come follow Him. Come have intimacy and these called out ones will abandon everything and follow as they are wired for intimacy with the Godhead.

These called out ones will see a revealing of the same life Christ had. They will loose interest in anything this world has to offer, anything it promises and anything it provides. The world will think it wants something from them as it so obviously has need. But these called out ones just crave intimacy. Jesus craved intimacy with the ruler and the ruler completely missed what was going on. As his focus was natural Jesus had an eternal focus of life and impossible life that cannot exist to a natural mind. It was so obvious to the ruler Jesus would need him but it was so obvious to Jesus that in all His natural needs nothing mattered but intimacy and the ruler was trapped and needed to be free. Jesus had what He needed for the day, He always did and always would. So too will we as we live intimacy and embrace life that without effort causes the emptying of self that unites Godhead and “lets make man in our image”

As I sit here writing I think of Ananias and Saphira in the book of Acts in the bible. They brought a portion of what they owned and laid it at the disciples feet to distribute as any had need. The problem was the were lying to God and themselves and fell down dead. Now many a preacher has spoken from this passage and perhaps missed the whole point. The money was never the issue, the lie was no even the issue. Yes they were rebuked for the lie but the underlying issue was they craved the intimacy of spirit koinonia and thought they could bridge the natural to the spiritual with their money. They wanted koinonia and the security of natural control and the two and at odds with each other. The community they saw around them the bible tells us was filled with people meeting daily and eating in each others homes. It was filled with people selling their extra and giving it to free the koinonia as any had needs. I do not believe the disciples distributed for people to live. It wasn't socialism but yes they likely didn't interview everyone to find out the needs. They just freely gave and received. With no purpose perhaps as this seems to be spirit. They distributed to free the captives. I have no doubt the Marius and Annette's were given the proceeds of sales to loose them from debt. Now they were free of the world system and were able to be a laborer in the harvest field.

Spirit community loosed the captives and was a beautiful astounding manifestation of intimacy. In honor they preferred one another and those with spirit purchased natural release for each other and as an act of liberated unity enjoyed meals and fellowship daily. They never cared who gave and I don't think and kept track of that. Nobody used their wealth to be noticed or to belong they just enjoyed being “called out ones” intimacy was alive and they had nothing in them that would allow their possessions to hold them anymore.

Yet Ananias and Saphira attempted to enter on a natural level. What they owned was never the issue, what they gave was never the issue and the apostles made that clear when they told them such. The issue was they attempted to make religion. Religion that presents a psuedo intimacy while a man keeps control of what he owns. Which ultimately reveals he has not forsaken all and cannot be one with Christ or his body.

So intimacy is all Jesus purchased at Calvary when He died on the cross. He freed all mankind to be spirit and to no longer have the chains of sin that hold man to himself and his own desires and needs. Mankind could be called out from being his own God and abandon all. He could have no thought for tomorrow and enjoy true life. The issue is we cannot choose to come to Christ He chose us from the beginning of the world and invites us to embrace life.

What would have happened if the rich young ruler had of seen Jesus did not care about his needs? He could never understand that any in spirit have needs but they are met daily. What would have happened if the ruler had of sold his all and given? Jesus never said sell all and tithe to Judas so our money bag is full for tomorrow. Jesus in an amazing act of invited intimacy said get rid of it all and come join our party of life.

To me the passage where Jesus said “pray for laborers to be sent out into the harvest field” simply means people are called out ones who will abandon what they own to be a move of the spirit of God. They will lay it at the feet of the apostles who will never abuse this for themselves but rather they will distribute as any had need. That need I see first and foremost was to be free from the world system and just as some are trapped by wealth and ownership others are trapped by debt and what was a desire to own. Only in true spiritual community can we see it is not about daily needs as they are taken care of. It is about laborers being freed to enter the harvest field.

Jesus saw the stupidity of the rich young rulers heart. But he spoke to the intimacy and was not offended by a complete lack of understanding for what was going on. After all what hope do natural ways have, but to die? As in death chimes life. Koinonia does not need anyone or anything. It is complete and in that completeness needs no longer exist and the desire to meet needs no longer exists. It is a seamless flowing of life through every part of who we are.